We are all facing challenging times and are both insecure and curious about the near future.

As a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis, a majority of the businesses are or will be subject to important obstacles, whether or not forming a case of “force majeure”. It is, therefore, of specific importance to assess and reinforce your legal and contractual position in this respect in order to protect your business, which could become more vulnerable than ever. Quorum is happy to answer any questions with regard to ongoing or future agreements or with regard to your legal or contractual position in general. Also, if you seek protection from your creditors, we can provide valuable assistance in order to help your business survive this temporary situation.

Quorum is conscious that nowadays solidarity is key to support businesses and entrepreneurs and to contribute to a maximum extent to the national and international economy. Therefore, please be informed that, for any Covid-19 related assistance, our services will be charged at discounted solidarity hourly rates in order to be able to deliver your business the support it requires.

Please contact us for any further information via info@quorumlaw.eu or your regular Quorum contact person.


The Quorum Team.